Brow Lamination

Do you use a Brow brush or Brow Gel or daily to get your hairs to sit just right?


Brow Lamination is a process of restructuring the brow hairs to keep them in the desired shape. It is the perfect treatment for anyone who's hairs are irregular in direction of with any gaps in their hairs, giving the appearance of perfectly groomed full brows.

We use the Brow Bomb Brow Lamination product, which is enriched with Cocoa Butter, Biotin, Hydrolyzed Silk and Vitamin B3; this product is specifically designed for the Brows. The treatment always ends with an Elleebana Keratin Advanced Lash & Brow Boost to help seal and condition your brows to give longer lasting results. This service will also include a Brow Tint + Wax to give you polished, sleek finished brows.

  What is  Brow Lamination?  

Brow lamination is basically a perm for your brows, as it gives them a set, uniform shape for an extended period of time. Instead of curls, a setting lotion helps brow hair stay brushed up and lifted upward for about six weeks with virtually no maintenance/aftercare.


This 4-step process takes approximately 45mins to complete:

  • Starts with removing of all makeup and creams from the brows. 

  • Next, a Keratin Infused water-based adhesive is applied so the technician can shape and style the brows

  • Then Step 1 & 2 Solutions are applied to reshape the eyebrow hair direction. 

  • Next, Elleebana Elleeplex ReGen is applied -- which includes 23 plant based ingredients essential for regeneration and building strength in lashes and brows alike, amino acides, essential fatty acids, flower extracts, bark extracts, root extracts  and fruit extract 

  • And finally, Elleeplex Gel is applied to the eyebrows which is a Take-Home product we recommend everyone having at home. 

  • and Viola! 

The final look is a perfect brow that looks so natural! 

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Brow Lamination, Brow Shaping, Tint and Treament ♥

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